Building Value Together

Delivering projects with

Building Value Together

Delivering projects with

Long Construction Management is a full-service construction company, general contractor, design-builder, and construction manager located in Lexington, KY.

what we have:

Whether it’s design/build, construction management, or general contracting, Long Construction Management has what organizations seek in a construction partner: principals with experience in complex, multimillion-dollar projects, a commitment to the values of workmanship, and a solid track record for stability and integrity.

what we don't:

Just as important is what we don’t have: layers of bureaucracy, a high-pressure sales force, and a penchant for big promises we can’t keep.

featured project:

Greenbriar Athletic Training Center
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how we build:

We specialize in Design/Build (75% of our work), but we can partner with your team however best serves you.


Design-Build offers a single-source partnership in which Long Construction becomes responsible for the project from start to finish. This includes the planning, managing, and construction of your building or renovation. Because of the working relationships we’ve has built with a range of experts, this approach helps save time and money.

Construction Management

Construction Management enables Long Construction to influence design as it may impact cost and usage while concentrating on the construction aspects of the process.

General Contracting

General Contracting begins with your design professionals’ documents. You are assured that the quality construction you have specified will be executed for the agreed upon lump sum cost.

our portfolio:

More than a builder. We are your business partner.

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  • community hangar smallerBluegrass Airport

    Located in Lexington, KY. This project was completed September 2018; 26,000sf new construction of their Community Hangar.

  • marikkas finishedMarikka's Restaurant 

    Located in Lexington, KY. This project was completed in March of 2018. Project consisted of a new restaurant and volleyball facility

  • Fisher Auto PartsFisher Auto Parts

    Located in Walton, Kentucky. Long Construction Management was awarded the construction of an approximate 77,700 SF PEMB addition to an existing building for Fisher Auto Parts in Walton, Kentucky.

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