Business Philosophy


Business Philosophy & Background

From the ground up.

It’s the only way to learn. Tough lessons gained through hard work and experience that shape your life and last a lifetime.

That’s how the principals associated with Long Construction Management got their start. Hauling bricks and stones. Listening to industry veterans and asking questions. Taking on more responsibility. Knowing there’s a better way.

For Linden Long, Long Construction Management’s owner, it was more of a dawning realization than a revelation. After years of managing prestigious construction projects, he was ready to build a company where he could instill the business values that are important to him and his customers.

Long Construction Management is based on three primary principles:

  • What you see is what you get. While the principals are effective delegators, they are always on top of the job and available to clients.
  • When safety and costs (or time or convenience or anything) compete, safety wins. The safety of workers and future building inhabitants is never negotiable.
  • “When” and “How Much” are more than just estimates.  You can be assured that Long Construction’s price will be thorough and all-inclusive. Our jobs come in on time and on budget. How many building companies can say that?


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